Sponsored by Todd E Perry State Farm   Insurance Agency  Cudas Achievers Award is presented each year to past graduates of New Smyrna Beach High School. It's purpose is two fold.

  • To establish and maintain a closer on-going relationship with our Alumni.

  • To demonstrate, to our students still in school and to the community at large, the outstanding achievements of successful graduates of New Smyrna Beach High School who have become inventors, scholars, government leaders, business executives and many other noteworthy professionals.

We want to encourage the student population of South East Volusia County, by example, that success is possible when you acquire and develop the skills that are necessary to do so and  education is where it all begins.

Congratulations to our 2018 Cuda Achiever Alumni Hall of Fame Honoree
If you know of a New Smyrna Beach High School graduate who has exceptional accomplishments since leaving high school. We encourage you to submit their name, address and a brief biography of their accomplishments to: 

'Cuda Achievers Award'
P.O. Box 1808,
New Smyrna Beach, Fl. 32170-1808.

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  NSB CAPS PO. Box 1808 New Smyrna Beach,Fl. 32170-1808   •  386-438-2729   •  
Dallas Baker (‘01)
Wes Chandler (‘74)
Harvin Clark (‘68)
Kevin McDonald (‘82)
Zack McDonald (‘81)
Antone Smothers (‘82)
Dr. William Carr (’53)
William Hall (’63)
Dr. Susan Austin Hole (’67)
Todd Jones (’80)
Sue Davis Martin (’79)
Earl Anderson (’41)
Jonathan Kennedy (‘88)
Damon Settle (’51)
T.C. Wilder (’48)
Lillian Wilson(’50)
Cindy Crandall (’76)
Dr. Adam Barringer (’84)
Dr. Frank Farmer (’59)
Clay Henderson (’73)
Russell Smith (’42)
Jim MacKay (’82)
Ginger Bryant Hutchinson (’83)
Rebecca McGinnis (’83)
Rod J. Perry (’91)
Vernon Altman (‘63)
William Gillespie (‘46)
Katherine Kelley Lumsden (‘89)
Dexter Odin (‘52)
Dr. William Rape (‘49)

Dr. S. Jane Allen (’59)
John Gilmore (’46)
Ronald Hanna (’53)
Jack Mitchell (’44)
Harold Nichols (’85)
Michelle Ohlson Zahner (’00)

Kelly Conway (’79)
Robert Howard (’54)
Jeffrey Lunsford (’84)
Dr. Carol Kelley (‘64)
Loretta Visconti (’75)

Joseph Benedict III (;56)
Brig. Gen. Randall Elliott (’59)
George Greene III (’53)
Shawn Lane (’88)
Cdr. Steve McGee (’69)
Oscar Poole (’48)

William Ray Mitchum ( ’75)
Shannon Hall-Mills (’95)
Todd E. Perry State Farm
. David Adkins                                                                    Dana Greatrex                                                         Sue Schilsky,
                                                  Travis Owens                                                                Sharlene Pigg
Tracey Barlow..'84
Christopher Dennis ...'85
Mickey Moore...'89
Nancy Keegan Cox ..'81
Keith Vanderhoeven...'91